I am a stamp collector.

Not a collector of expensive and rare stamps, the ones only rich or crazy people can afford and buy. I only collect  inexpensive, easy-to-find stamps, which have one thing in common :

a stupid error in their design.

It started more than 40 years ago : I was watching an old envelope, when suddenly my attention was caught by the stamp on it. I could not believe my eyes : THE MAN ON THE STAMP HAD SIX FINGERS ON HIS LEFT HAND !

If you do not believe such a stamp exists, look here at the one it all started with !


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Since that day, it has become a bad habit : each time I look at a stamp, postcard or cover, I check it for errors. And in more than 40 years, I have found and collected more than 3.500 philatelic items, with at least one thing in common:

 "the crazier the error,
the more I like it"

In the next pages, I am proud to present you some examples of my collection. You will soon be convinced that, in philately, more than anywhere else, Murphy's law is applicable too !


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