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     Not fixed
     Sailship in storm.
     Big smoke
     Small detail

     Disputed design
     Wrong date.
     Wrong foot.
     Geant fish.

     Missing shoes !
     Incomplete bicycle
     Wrong dates
     Not the correct dove
     Wrong name

     Wrong birthdate
     New team sport
     Too big
     Wrong hairdress
     No Pole

     Wrong person
     Out of place
     Not horizontal
     Not quite clear
     Not Polish

     Error in name
     Strong milk
     Two twelves on a Polish clock.
     Wrong orbit
     Not the first

     Wrong naam
     Wrong naam
     Wrong power
     Mirror newspaper
     Forgotten past

     Wrong chessboard
     Wrong person
     Four years later
     One wrong letter

     One wrong letter
     Wrong name
     Wrong letter
     Not the right one
     Wrong date