Design errors - TURKEY

The diaeresis on CÜMHURIYETI is sometimes forgotten on some Turkish stamps.


As some people saw an hidden message against the authorities in the shading lines under 'Postes Ottomanes', the stamp was re-issued without the shading.


Missing double dot. Was corrected.


Turkey forgot the diaeresis from CÜMHURIYETI on some stamps.


According to the map, the sun is rising in the Nord.


Basketballplayers with shirts of the national team of Turkey, but they did not partecipate to this Olympic games.


In this 'flaming sun' the number of threads are supposed to match the number of coutries in CEPT, 24 at the time the common issue of this stamp was conceived, but before the stamp was issued Jugoslavia and Malta also joined, so there should have been 26 threads (France and Andorra got it right).


The number on the registration plate was an impossible combination of figures. It was removed when the stamp was issued.